Engineering geology and geotechnical services​

Geodetic Surveys​

Engineering ecology and environmental Studies​

Archaeological research​

Engineering geology and geotechnical services

  • General and specialized geological and geotechnical mapping
  • Geological and geotechnical drilling, logging, coring and sampling;
  • In-situ soil tests, including SPT, BPT, CPT, pressure meter, dilatometer, vane tests
  • Applied hydrogeology including field studies as well as lithological characterization and flow modeling
  • Surface, downhole and cross-hole geophysics
  • Soil and foundations assessment, compaction monitoring, excavation and earthworks monitoring
  • 3D – modeling of boreholes, geological surfaces, geotechnical profile views with log strips
  • Geological risk and hazard assessment and change prediction
  • Desktop studies, geological, geotechnical and materials reports
  • Laboratory soil, rock, surface and groundwater testing

Geodetic Surveys

  • Setting-out line, grade and other layout points for construction purposes
  • Geospatial data acquisition and management, GIS and cadastral systems support
  • Monitoring of structure and ground stability and settlement
  • As-built surveys to document completed construction works and any departures from design
  • Corridor mapping of linear infrastructure objects with longitudal and transverse profiles
  • Design and provision of horizontal and vertical control survey networks
  • Existing conditions surveys, digital engineering topographic plans from 1:200 to 1:10 000 scale
  • Route selection and initial engineering design

Engineering ecology and environmental Studies

  • Collection, assessment and interpretation of archival data;
  • Field observations;
  • Borehole sampling and contamination assessment;
  • Hydrogeological, hydrological and geocryological ecological studies;
  • Air, soil, ground, sediment, surface and groundwater sampling and testing, contamination evaluation;
  • Laboratory studies: chemical analyses, radiation pollution studies;
  • Geochemical impact rate estimation (for gas emitting soils);
  • Acoustics, noise, vibration and electromagnetic fields measurements, monitoring and impact assessment;
  • Biological studies and biodiversity environmental impact assessment of future construction;
  • Socio-economic, sanitary and epidemiological, medical and biological research (complex assessment of human environment conditions);
  • Cultural resources assessment.

Hydrometeorological Surveys

  • Multi-objective study;
  • Field observations;
  • Water quality monitoring studies;
  • Aquafier studies, water resources estimation;
  • Stream gauging and real-time data collection;
  • Flow and contaminant transport modeling;
  • Hydrologic surveys for flood studies and modeling.

Archaeological research

  • Archaeological survey / evaluation / data recovery;
  • Architectural history/historical building survey;
  • Archival research and desktop studies;
  • Geophysical survey / remote sensing;
  • Qualitative (heritage) analysis / social anthropology;
  • Historic preservation / cultural resources management plans;
  • Government relations, permitting and reporting.

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